Optimize YouTube. It’s FREE Advertising!

optimize youtube channel

If you are serious about bringing your business into the next step of growth, then you have to check into YouTube and the FREE advertising it will provide you with.

YouTube Has Options For You

Being a local small business, getting the word out about your product or service might be difficult. Or even worse, when advertising is not done right, it can be very expensive. That is why YouTube NEEDS to be on your digital marketing list of things to do.

Having a YouTube channel is FREE and will bring benefits to your business in terms of getting brand awareness and turning customers in your direction. If you sell a product, a review of that product might be the first thing you upload.

Short Videos Help Promote

There is little proof that video does NOT help when used properly with an online marketing strategy. Videos convert many times more than a traditional ad in today’s consumer driven marketplace. Uploading a short, 30 second to a minute long video showcasing your business or the employees that work there can do a lot in terms of building trust for potential new customers.

Youtube channel optimization tricks

Optimizing YouTube videos for local businesses is a service that I offer and an important one at that. YouTube provides you with the hosting, as well as a few tools to help you get traffic. Using the tools it provides, as well as, a few SEO tricks for the title and description is going to yield you traffic for almost no cost more than you time.

Don’t Have The Time?

That is where I come in. Remember reading on my website that I am here to give you time BACK? This is a part of that. I can record your videos, edit them and upload them to your site. When that is done, I can optimize them for your business to better leverage the traffic that will come from people searching on the 2nd largest search engine on the internet.

Contact me to learn about how I can help you!

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