What Does Google’s Zero Click Search Mean For My Business

Google is still taking everything that you know about search engines and putting it into a blender a couple of times each year. For 2020, this could not be more of an accurate statement.

Google’s Zero Click Search Is Real

If you have a small business, you might be wondering how you can leverage the power of the Google search without having to always pay for it, right? There is at least 1 way that you can get around the cost of advertising on Google.

Google My Business pages are not new, but the features that Google is offering YOU, as the business owner, are starting to pile up.

Image by Devi J from Pixabay

If you own a small business in Sheboygan and are NOT taking FULL advantage of your listing, what are you waiting for?

Claiming your Google My Business listing is free and offers potential customers another avenue on the way to your website. Google’s “Zero Click Search” has everything to do with that. EVERYTHING.

The Zero Click Search is getting a lot of attention recently. It is Google’s way of offering a potential customer as much information as possible, ON GOOGLE, before there is even a CLICK to your site. ZERO CLICK.

“Great, now what do I do?”

To me, the answer is an easy one. Focus as much time and energy into getting your Google My Business listing to WORK FOR YOU. It’s FREE traffic.

However, if the information is old or just not accurate, that is not going to work for anyone but your competition.

Google is working to take a a slice of the marketing from Facebook Business Pages and with each update, a few more options are available to businesses.

Does Google My Business Help ALL Businesses?

If you have a physical address that can be searched on a mobile device? Then, YES, 100%, without any doubt, it can AND WILL help your business.

It does not matter what type of business you have. However, regular updates to the listing and accurate information WILL bring you business.

If this information is foreign to you, take a minute and search for your business on your smartphone. Do not search for the name. Instead, use terms YOU think customers will use to find your business when they need it.

The Google My Business page will show up if you have done things right. Above all, if you see a message like “Claim this business” or “Do you own this business”, click and get started.

I Can Help

This information might seem like a lot to consume. However, it is important to your local small business. It is very easy to manage, once you get going. The key here is managing it on a regular basis. However, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT IT.

Google hates that and has no problem giving attention to your local competition that posts regular updates and has correct store hours listed.

I am available if you need some help getting pointed in the right direction. Message me on Facebook or Contact Me for more information.