Does Your Content Show Up in Search Results?

google browser window mockup

Is the content on your website something that Google will consider “lower-than-average” in search results?

Do you know what Google considers “lower than average” search results?

I am going to do my best to help you keep your website content above average so your customers will find it.

“Lower-Than-Average” Google Search Results Update

Google makes people like me go completely crazy with all of the updates to its search results pages. With seemingly random updates throughout the year, Google keeps the SEO professional in me on my toes the entire time.

According to online reports, Google released an update recently that is going to let users know when a search request does not have any results worth showing them.

Google really wants to help the one using it out from auto suggesting search terms to the website the results point them to. If your content is not something that Google feels falls into that journey, it will not rank well.

What Can You Do?

The first thing you can do is a website audit. Go through your content pages and make sure the are there for the customer/visitor/reader/shopper, etc. Let Google bring customers TO YOU. There is no reason to use a content page to seek your customers out.

If you build it the right way, they will come to view it, fill out a form, buy that one thing or whatever your conversion is. Not all small businesses are setup to do a website audit on their own. If that is you, please contact me for a free website audit and I will help you.

Free Website Audit

Using the form on my website, you can get in line for a Free Website Audit. I will take my time and comb through all of the content pages on your site, the navigation and the overall optimization of it.

I present suggestions that are typical in helping a small business website rank better in local search results.