Digital Marketing Audit

Here we will answer questions like, Does your website work FOR you? What is your small business digital marketing strategy? A digital marketing audit is the first step.


These questions might not seem that important at the moment, however, if you break down where your business is today and where you’d like it to be tomorrow, that changes.

I started A1 Content Services to show the small, local businesses in the Sheboygan area how to leverage search engine marketing and a website to grow.

What is a Digital Marketing Audit?

If you are not aware of digital marketing and how it can help, it is not too late to learn.

First, more customers use the internet and research a company before contacting them. Therefore, a small business digital marketing plan has become more valuable.

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Check All The Boxes – Grow Your Business Online

Secondly, I take a quick look at your website and social media presence to see where the improvements can be made. This might only include a more active Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube account.

In some cases, the audit finds that a brand new website will be needed to bring your business forward with a modern feel and functionality that benefits the potential customers that will be using it.

To conclude, I outline a recommended plan for your business and online marketing strategy. After that, you can decide what is right for your business and more importantly, your budget.

Local Clients Are Happy

I have a handful of clients that are local to the Sheboygan County area. They are happy with the services and recommendations that I provide.

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Organic Ranking For Local Hardware Store

A short term goal might be to keep an eye on your Facebook page, and that is something I can do. Having me update your page with engaging content is only the beginning.

An entire overhaul of your online presence is not out of the question, or my capabilities. A digital marketing audit will find all of the possibilities for growth and improvement. Therefore, your business will see growth in the local market.

Contact me today and I will start your brand new digital marketing strategy audit right away.

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