Do NOT Boost Another Post on Facebook!


Why would I be telling you not to boost another post when Facebook itself is telling you to do exactly that? Here is why…

Boosting your post, a “popular” one, might seem like a good idea when you get the notification from Facebook about it. However, I want to shed some light on the boosting of posts and why I will NOT be boosting another post again….ever.

If you do not already know, boosting your post is one of the EASIEST ways to get your post to more fans of your Facebook page. The problem is, and the main reason I will tell you to never just “BOOST” your post, is that Facebook is taking a few shortcuts with your post.

What Happens When I BOOST a Facebook Post?

When you hit “BOOST”, Facebook creates a new ad campaign for that post and the objective is “Post Engagements”. If all you need is LIKES, COMMENTS and SHARES, then this works for you, but honestly it is not good if you are looking for any return on investment.

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There are many articles online that showcase the case studies behind a boosted post and one that is used inside an ad that you created yourself, with a different objective and your own targeting. Taking a post a “promoting” it, instead of “boosting” it, gives you more options when setting up that campaign and ultimately, that is what you want as a Facebook page manager.

What Should You Do Instead?

Just relax, first of all. That $10 was cheaper than half of the things you did today that brought in even less return. What I recommend to all of my clients is to get yourself familiar with the Ads Manager inside Facebook. There seem to be a lot of things moving around in there, but as you get more familiar, it will all start to make sense.

Another thing that you can keep in mind is how you want your next post to look, if it were an ad. One of the best things about advertising on Facebook is that you can use ANY post that you created as an ad. If you have a lot of social proof on a post from a month ago, there is no reason that you should not grab that post and expand your reach with it.

The reason that you need to keep how the post is created in mind is that the content of the post cannot be relevant for a month ago. If you create posts that are “evergreen”, sharing them even 1 year later should be no problem for customers that view your Facebook page.

How I Can Help Your Business

One of the first things that I do after you hire me to manage your Facebook Ads is check on your older posts. I want to see how they were received by your followers and if you have any “gems” in there that we can use to promote your business and expand your reach right away.

Taking just a few minutes to promote a post with a lot of social proof gives me a little more time to dig further into how your Facebook page, website, newsletter and blog are all working together. While the Facebook AI learns about your business (usually 10-14 days) and helps to expand your reach, I will be getting the next batch of posts and ads ready to launch.

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A Quick Summary

In reality, boosting your latest post is not a terrible thing, but if you can get into Ads Manager and figure out how it works to benefit your business the return is much higher. Hire me and I will show you the results you were hoping for. In just a few short days, with an affordable ad spend budget your business will grow.

Skip the boost, remember to create “evergreen” post content, learn Ads Manager and grow like you want. This year does not have to be like the last.