What is Local SEO?

Here I will answer questions like “What is Local SEO?” and “How Does Local SEO Help My Business?”.

Even if you do not see customers in your local business, your website must be optimized with information customers in your geographical area will find relevant to their search.

Local SEO, or local search engine optimization, for your website has never been more important and the best part is when done right, the traffic is FREE.

If you are looking for a local seo expert in the Sheboygan County area, you have come to the right place. Being able to show up in Google for the customers in your local area is not an easy task.

What Does LOCAL SEO Mean For Me?

The importance of local SEO is different for each business. In the end. if your digital marketing strategy calls for your business website showing up for customers searching for local businesses, then you need to pay close attention.

With the rise of mobile devices over the last 10 years, searches on Google have changed from things like “how to make an omelette” to “omelette breakfast near me“.

The “near me” part can be very expensive if you hope to show up in the top 2 positions on Google Search Results. Instead, you can prime your website content to show Google that your business website is just as important to a local search as the companies paying big money for those keywords.

Local Retail Stores Benefit

You might not sell a single thing on your website, but that goes not make it any less important. If you do not sell online, then you should be collecting information.

A website contact form, or email newsletter sign up is just as valuable to your brick and mortar business. From there, your business has an option to continue to sell your products and services to that person with hopes of making them a customer.

In order for your local service or retail business to show up on Google when someone is searching for it, your content must be something Google feels is worth showing to that search engine user.

Make Sense?

It might seem a little strange at first, comparing your offline business to something that takes place online, but rest assured, if you can connect all of the pieces, customers will follow the path.

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