Social Media Management

facebook ad management

Operating your business is enough work to begin with. Keeping up with posts to your social media sites, more specifically your Facebook Ads, does not have to be another piece of your “to-do” list. I can help.

facebook ad management

Specifically Facebook Page and Ads

If you do not have a Facebook page for your business, you need to have one set up right now. Local search on Google and small business pages on Facebook are the 2 most popular ways that customers interact with your business. DO NOT MISS OUT!

Setting up a Facebook page is pretty easy these days. Just find the “Create a Page” link in your profile and follow the steps. Ok, it might not be that easy. I can help setup a Facebook page for your business, but that is only STEP 1.

Connecting your Facebook page with a website is where the fun really begins. I can show you how to connect the two and then use the information provided through a Facebook Pixel to reach a new group of customers you may have not been able to in the past.

What I doWhat you Pay
Manage Existing Facebook Ads$99/month
Create New and Manage Existing Facebook Ads$129/month

Skip The Billboards, Use Facebook Ads

A long time ago, when you wanted to get someone’s attention, you put up a billboard along the road. I am just going to be blunt about it and say, that does NOT work anymore.

Or, let me clarify. You have NO WAY of knowing whether it worked or not. Thousands of cars and trucks drive by your billboard, but how many saw it? Did the last 30 people in your store SEE the billboard? How do you advertise to just the people that saw your billboard? Not very easy is it?

Facebook Ads and the Pixel are a great addition to your marketing strategy. Install the Pixel on your site and connect it to you business ad account and the rest is history. 

Not “Set it and FORGET it”

You might be thinking that your digital marketing strategy is something that you can have setup and it will just run itself after that. There might not be a lot of work in the setup, but the initial research for your business does take time.

Reaching more people, potential customers, with your Facebook Ads and Google is not something that you just whip together, hit the “go” button and hope for the best. That is a sure fire way to see a big bill at the end of the month without any return on that ad spend investment.

Allow me to show you how to create an ad and show you how the process works. Sometimes, when we are shown a process that is new to us, the ideas for how to use that process within your business comes much easier. When the ideas for growth flow, you need to take full advantage.

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If you would like to see where your business stands and if Facebook ads will work, please contact me for more info.