How Does A Digital Marketing Audit Benefit Your Business?

To keep things simple, a digital marketing audit is just a report that I will put together of your current strategy from where I see it. A short questionnaire and access to your Facebook and Google accounts will tell me a lot of information. Then we start building a new strategy.

A Strategy Built By US For YOU

One of the best things about being hands on with your digital marketing is that you can direct which place you want it to go. You know the results that you want and with that information, we can build something together that will hopefully grow your business locally.

One of the first things that I do when you sign up for your free digital marketing audit, is take a look at your website, then Facebook page, then the ads you have been running. If you run a newsletter, I will take a look at that as well to ensure they are all working together for growing your business.

What Doesn’t Work Well And Why

In the local marketing world, there are a few things that still happen today that are outdated and frankly, ineffective for your business. Things like billboards along the highway, for example.

A billboard can be related to a “brand awareness” ad running on Facebook with just one, huge exception. The Facebook ad is going to tell you a lot more information than the billboard can. Save your money, advertise where the eyes are. Nobody sees billboards, but they do see a Facebook feed.

Another example of a marketing tactic that used to be worth your money is advertising in the local paper. To clarify, you can advertise in the FREE papers and get a better response compared to a paper that requires a subscription to read.

Just put together a working newsletter and you will find that it can be just as effective as an ad in the classifieds. The best part again is, you can track results. If you are not aware of where the results are coming from, how can you scale your spend and get more out of your digital marketing budget?

Still Interested?

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