Do You Update Your Facebook Page?

Keep your customers informed with quick, relevant updates to your Facebook page on a regular basis.

Updating your business Facebook page is important. Customers and clients follow your page and like to be updated with news, events, specials on a regular basis. Here I am going to cover why it’s important to update your page regularly.

It’s Important For Customers

If you do not update your Facebook page at least 3 times per week, you are sending a poor message to customers. That message is that you do not have time to pass important information out to your customers.

Some potential clients might come to your Facebook page and see that the last post was 2 months ago. They will walk the other direction feeling that any information they find there will not be relevant to them.

Facebook Loves An Active Facebook Page

I do not have to go into how Facebook decides which pages are show up in the news feed and which ones will not. However, the less frequently you are posting, the less important you look to Facebook.

Post about everything that you can related to the services that you provide and the customers will flow it.

Facebook Page Posts As Advertisements

Not only can you use a Facebook post to spread the word about your business, but you can use that same post as an ad. You do not want to be “selling” with every single post, the copy you use should sound professional to a brand new customer.

Why I Am Even Asking

Part of the affordable, monthly services that I provide is keeping your Facebook and website up to date. I have the tools and the experience writing copy that engages customers and leads them to sales.

If you want to know more about how I will help start your Facebook page or give an old page a good boost, click the button below to contact me today!