How I Can Help Local Roofing Companies

Roof Tile Roof Damage Housetop  - congerdesign / Pixabay

Digital marketing does not have to be complicated. It is, however, something that takes time to setup, organize and massage. Those 3 things are the reason you need someone like me to help you grow your roofing company locally.

It does not matter if you are advertising on Facebook, Google or YouTube, there is no “set it and forget it” option. Researching keywords that are local to Sheboygan or your service area is the first step. That is just one of the ways that I can help local roofing companies with digital marketing.

Local Roofers Near Me

This is just ONE of the many searches that are used on Google every day to help potential customers find your business. What I can do is use search terms that best describe the excellent services that you provide.

This way, when a potential customer uses Google to search “flat roof installers in Sheboygan”, your business is the FIRST option. It is nice to be on the front page of Google. The FIRST option gets the most clicks whether it is an ad or not.

Website Content To Educate The Customer

Adding content to your site is a great way to educate your customer, answer commonly asked questions and move them forward towards contacting your business.

I write content for Google and works as free marketing for your business through local SEO (search engine optimization). This might only be a few paragraphs of content, but the intent is to build trust with a new client before they contact you.

Customer Path To Contact Form or Phone Call

Ultimately, your website move your customer down the path to contacting you for a quote or to setup a meeting.

This might include blog content that answers a question, a gallery of work that you have completed and then a phone number to encourage contact.

To Sum It Up

Your website does not have to be pretty, but it should appear modern and functional for the end customer. When your website appears to be from 10+ years ago, a customer might assume you have neglected your business website. They will “bounce” to the next option.

If you have a roofing company in Sheboygan and need help with your digital marketing, please contact me today.