Digital Marketing For Local Businesses

As the internet moves consumers into a new way of finding what products or services they want or need, your small business must be able to keep up. This makes Sheboygan SEO (search engine optimization) very important to your business.

Search engines have started to cater more towards the “local” side of things. Therefore, potential customers are using mobile phones to find “lawn care near me”, “roofers near Sheboygan” or “landscapers in 53081”.

Sheboygan SEO is More Than Just A Website

Today, you need more than just your website to get your customers to find you. You can have a website design that seems “old” as long as it has relevant information for those looking for it.

Google Business pages have done a lot for local businesses with a free way to take actions directed at potential customers. This is a free resource and should be used regularly by adding fresh content and updating galleries.

You need a Facebook Page

Facebook might not be popular with everyone, but you must assume that customers are there, searching, getting recommendations and talking with friends about Sheboygan businesses they use and trust.

Having a Facebook page gives you a face and a voice in that conversation and one that will hopefully lead to building trust with potential customers.

You need a Newsletter

Not everyone realizes the power of a quick email to alert loyal customers of a discount, new service you provide or a product they will need to have when it is in stock.

Emails are big sellers and huge companies pour millions of dollars into developing email lists for this reason. Don’t be left in the cold without a simple, yet effective newsletter for your local business.

What I Can Do For You

Hello, my name is John and I have been in the internet marketing business for more than 10 years now. Having built and marketed my own successful websites over that time, I have learned by making my own mistakes.

I know how Google Search works, what potential customers use Twitter for and how they interact on Facebook. Therefore, all of those things are important for a local business like yours.

Add videos and email marketing so you can build a strategy that helps your business grow in your service area.

Recently, I have decided to take what I know about digital marketing and help businesses local to Sheboygan County. Therefore, allowing businesses to see growth this year and in the future.

Services I Provide

Google Adwords ManagementFacebook Ad Management
Newsletter Creation/ManagementWebsite Content
Website DevelopmentYouTube Channel Management
Facebook Page ManagementSocial Media Consultation
Digital Marketing Audit

If your business is struggling with any of these things, allow me to take a look at thing for you.

I offer a free quote for my services with no obligation at all. Moreover, the quote is customized to your needs. So let me know what you think and we’ll go from there.